About me

Many people think of Tarot as a party trick. A bit of frivolous fun to peer into the future.

But I see things differently.

You see, Tarot isn’t about predicting your future. It’s about creating your future.

I’m fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, and I’m devoted to helping people make better decisions — and lead happier lives.

I believe that nothing is fated, that everything is fluid — and that the cards have the power to inspire courageous, life-affirming action. But only if you honor your emotional & intuitive reactions for what they really are — a quiet, guiding intelligence.You can be the designer of your life and begin to live the life of your dreams.

My 1 on 1 readings are designed to swiftly illuminate your current circumstances, explore possible choices & outcomes, and unfurl the ideal roadmap to the future you want to create. My style is frank, forthright and practical — no astro-babble or arcane lingo. And I love sharing my gifts with newbie clients.

I’m based in New Delhi, though my Tarot readings are performed over the phone, or via email. You can learn more about my virtual offerings — and book a private reading

When people ask me, “Why Tarot”?I’ve got a pretty blunt answer: I love helping people, and Tarot is the best tool I’ve found to do just that. Whether it’s a private reading, telephonic or through emails, I promise to deliver my clearest intuitive hits, my combined lifetime of experience, my tough-lovin’ wisdom, and mad respect for you & your journey.

Wondering what my clients have to say about their experiences with me..?? Check out my testimonials